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[Release] Fusion Reborn 3.3.5 (Haste Mod)

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[Release] Fusion Reborn 3.3.5 (Haste Mod)

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 1:55 am

3.3.5 Version 3

Hi all, This is my 3rd Release in the Fusion-Reborn series.

TrinityCore Rev: 9799 - modded core
TDB - Rev: 9847

C++ Global chat channel ( /o )
C++ Haste Mod ( 0.0 Attack and Cast speed at 1577 haste rating )

Global Teleporter Hearthstone + Resurrection on use

Murloc Mall 2010 ^^

This is a fairly clean Repack with the means to become a great Server.
For this reason I have not added custom items etc to the database.

Vehicles fully working
All 3.3.5 Items (check TDB Wiki and source for updates.)
Most new raids spawned, Ai tables and scripted, some still to do.

Youtube Video Preview -

MYSQL: U:Root P:Fusion
LOGON: U:Admin P:Admin

Hey all, version 3 is now out.

ICC Fixed
Tele locations fixed
Murloc mall added (no gear vendors) semi blizzlike mall

VERSION 3 (LATEST) download here NITEEG3M

Older Versions:

Fusion Reborn 3.2.2 -

Fusion Reborn 3.2.0 -

Shamzooloo of
Facecannon of


To install copy the contents of Maptools to your wow folder.
Run makevmapssimple and mapextractor
once finished, copy vmaps, maps and dbc to Fusion_Core folder (replace the empty folders)

The Server will not load without the above.

Load mysql. access the database with your SQL editor of choice Username:Root Password:Fusion
Open Fusion_accounts and edit "realmlist" table if your going to make it online. (default localhost)

Run Authserver and Worldserver
Log in with Username:Admin Password:Admin.

If you like this kind of server then come join us on Intense WoW -

Or visit my forums for support on

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