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December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack

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December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 2:04 am

December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack
So here it is. December repack from Wow Source.

PHP Code:
Db has been updated with the latest fixses from Trinity, but most the fixses are made by the Wow Source team.
Core is also the latest trinity source with our fixses on top of it. compile 32bit.

HTML Code:
Dberror reduced.
Serverlog reduced.
Console errors reduced. = World loads very fast now, even on a descent computer.
achievements fixing. Still need more there.
Spell fixses.
Db updated with Trinity fixses but mostly our own fixses since we cant wait :p.
Tons of creatures and Bosses fixed with loot, hp etc etc.
Many waypoints made or fixed.
Fireland scripted. (Portal spawns after Gate-keeper is killed to majordomo staghelm) Fix for Firewall going away after Gatekeeper is dead will be posted later, but Portal is there.
Dragon Soul Scripted. (Ultraxion Still needs more fixing 75% done It will be posted later)( Spine of deathwing 80% done) ( Madness of Deathwing 75% done)
Well of enternity Scripted.
Shores of the well scripted.
Blackwing Descent Scripted.
The Vortex Pinnacle respawned and scripted.
Throne Of The Four Winds respawned and scripted.
Baradin Hold Scripted.
The Bastion Of Twilight scripted.
Hall of Origination scripted.
Grim Batol scripted.
The Stonecore scripted.
Azuremyst Isle & Bloodmyst Isle scripted.
Shadow Fang Keep scripted.
Teldrassil area scripted.
Alot of cleaning up in all staring areas.
Many trash mobs in starting areas has been scripted to make the world more alive.
Many creature equipments has been updated / fixed, since alot was missing equipment
alot of npc`s Hp. Mana. atk equipment fixed.
Random cleaning up around the world.
Random fixses around the world
More quests has been fixsed.
This is some of the stuff we have fixed. We have already more in the works, and it will be posted afterwards as we get it done.
We will be looking more into fixing more quests, Class talents and spells now.
We will put more time into fixing the Worgens, goblins and Dk starting area, since they need some hard work there.

PHP Code:
Ingame username: admin pass: admin
Mysql login port 3306 username root pass ascent

Wow Source Team

Here are a few screenies from ingame.

People should still remember one thing. This repack as many others are still undergoing fixses and updates. There will be things that will be broken or missing, and it wont help starting trolling about that, it wont take you anywere closer to get any kind of help. We will gladly see any kind of post regarding bugs and errors posted with link or any kind of help we can use to improve this repack. This will help to make everybodys experience even better


This is version 3 of our repack. Stay tuned for version 4. We will post when.

DOWNLOAD Version 3: 4.3.4

The most recent version is version 4. Tons of fixses has been made, for now it is for donaters only in the forum its posted, but it will be released on May 5th for free. By that time version 5 will be in the works. here are the link for version 4 for those who might be interested in that.

DOWNLOAD Version 4: 4.3.4 Donator version

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Re: December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack

Post by quilumipe on Sat May 18, 2013 5:19 pm

where are the download links?


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Re: December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack

Post by _Ikester_ on Sat May 18, 2013 10:05 pm

Im not sure wen tree
tree sees this im sure he will put links up..
Sorry for the inconviance..

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Re: December. WoW Source 4.3.4 Repack

Post by Sponsored content

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