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[Trinity] Funserver Levelcap 255 + tutorial how to set it up! Thread Tools Display

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[Trinity] Funserver Levelcap 255 + tutorial how to set it up! Thread Tools Display

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 2:13 am

[Trinity] Funserver Levelcap 255 + tutorial how to set it up!

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Hello guys! This is first time i release a repack but dont worry the repack is working its not first time i compile a server =)

What is included in repack?
C++ Script changed to levelcap 255
C++ Script for custom WorldChat --> Credit goes to MoltenX and Parranoia for the awesome worldchat
C++ Script Removed Stats cap
Maps Vmaps And DBC is also included in the repack folder so everything in 1 folder!

Programs needed:
winrar Download Link:

How do i use this?

1. open the downloaded file and drag the folder inside it to your C drive
2. open the folder and then open the _Server folder
3. Start MySQL
4. go back one step to the folder where you see Worldserver.exe and authserver.exe and other folders and stuff
5. start Authserver and worldserver
6. now open Heidi/navicat (This is your database) you dont need to have it open but if you want to import something you do it through the database!
7. now open world of warcraft folder and then open folder called "Data" then open next folder called "enGB/enUS"
8. now Open delete everything inside it and paste this Set Realmlist
9. now type in worldserver console "account create accountname password" Replace the red text with your account name and the blue text with your password you can choose anything you want!
10. alright! almost finished... now type "account set gmlevel accountname 3 1" in the worldserver console and replace accountname with the account you typed in worldserver c without the quote ofc ^^,
11. FINISHED! now you can just open world of warcraft and login with the account name and password that you used in worldserver console

the world chat also show if player is Horde, Alliance, VIP, TrialGM, GM and so on!
the command for worldchat is .chat <Text>
anyway i used the repack to test scripts but now im releasing it because i think someone want a trinity server with this scripts

i don't know how many quests or spells is working but... it's trinity and i have not seen any buged quest/spell right now and anyway i made this server as a 255 funserver so you wont need the blizzlike quests anyway and i have not found any buged spell

btw im sry if my english and grammar is not that good anyway i think you understand!
remember this is first repack i upload and im new to compiling i have compiled just a few servers before still learning.
if there is something that you dont like please tell me and i will do my best to fix this!



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Re: [Trinity] Funserver Levelcap 255 + tutorial how to set it up! Thread Tools Display

Post by medaion on Sat Jun 01, 2013 11:25 am

liens is dead ... Change please


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