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ArcEmu Real Estate (Land Buying) System

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ArcEmu Real Estate (Land Buying) System

Post by _Ikester_ on Sun May 05, 2013 7:27 pm

Well I've decided to work on my ArcEmu real estate system again, planning on adding new features and things and need some feedback! for those of you that do not know what it is here is a small description:
This is a GM server mod where players can use GM commands only in certain areas of the map. Players use the .buyland command somewhere on the map (where it's still free) and then become the "owner" of that part of the map. The owned land is an area of around 80x80 units and 20x20 in cities. It's saved in the database and only the owner can use GM commands on that piece of land. The owner can then spawn npc and gameobjects to make constructions. This way players can build their nice creations and others can't destroy it. Of course the number of stuff you can spawn is limited.

Players can spawn vendors on their land and add them any wow item. Players can also spawn trainers and add them any wow spell. Gm spells can only be used on players own land and in instances. These lands can be setup individually as pve, pvp or arena. Players need to renew their ownership from time to time to get rid of one timer players.
Download Links:
Note: There would be versions for mangos and trinitycore but I lost them due to wiping my hard drive 2 months ago and I don't have the time to remake them.
The new things since I stopped working on it is:
Reduced ram usage quiet a bit.
Started work on new features.
Allowed phasing while inside lands.
Added config option for players being able to do tickets.
Added config option for commands like .npc spawn costing gold.
Fixed all problems with spawning.


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