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How to make an custom quest!UPDATED

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How to make an custom quest!UPDATED

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 10:14 pm

Hello all,I will be showing you today how to make a custom quest.

Ok first go to quest_template and follow these steps:
1.ID - here you must put an entry for the quest id,for example mine will be 99000

2.Method - usually leave it as it is,but you can change it to 0 or 1,normal for this column is 2.If Method is 0,quest will be auto completed,if it's 1 the quest is disabled

3.ZoneOrSort - This defines under what category the quest falls in the quest log.For example if the value is > 0,then value of the ZoneId is taken from AreaTable.DBC,if value is < 0,then its taken from QuestSort.DBC (this column isn't that important).

4.SkillOrClassMask - leave this like it is,this isn't easy

5.MinLevel - this is the min level that the player must have to get this quest

6.MaxLevel - this is the max level that the player must have to get his quest

7.QuestLevel - this is the quest level,it will define when it's low level or normal

8.Type - there are many types,here's a list:


Number | Name

1 Group
21 Life
41 PvP
62 Raid
81 Dungeon
82 World Event
83 Legendary
84 Escort
85 Heroic
88 Raid (10)
89 Raid (25)

9.RequiredRaces - if this is 0,then all races can use this quest,you can make 1 quest for horde,1 for alliance
690 = Horde Quest
1101 = Alliance Quest

10.RequiredSkillValue - an skill ID which will be required to accept the quest

11.RepObjectiveFaction - this is faction ID for an objective to achieve reputation

12.RepObjectiveValue - reputation value that the player must achieve with the faction in RepObjectiveFaction as part of the quest objectives

13.RepObjectFaction2 - same as RepObjectiveFaction

14.RepObjectiveValue2 - same as RepObjectiveValue

15.RequiredMinRepFaction - this is the faction reputation,so the player can get the quest

16.RequiredMinRepValue - the player must have this reputation or higher to get this quest

17.RequiredMaxRepFaction - this is the faction ID,that controls the maximum reputation value that the player must have to get the quest

18.RequiredMaxRepValue - Maximum reputation that the player can have with a faction and still get the quest,but if the player has more reputation than this he cant take the quest

19.SuggestedPlayers - this is the recommended number of players that can do this quest

20.LimitTime - how much time you must have to finish the quest (IMPORTANT!The numbers must be in seconds,for example 2 minutes = 120 seconds)

21.QuestFlags - the flags for the quest,here are some flags:

0 QUEST_FLAGS_NONE No flags, so no groups assigned to this quest.
1 QUEST_FLAGS_STAY_ALIVE If the player dies, the quest is failed.(?)
2 QUEST_FLAGS_PARTY_ACCEPT Escort quests or any other event-driven quests. If player in party, all players that can accept this quest will receive confirmation box to accept quest.
4 QUEST_FLAGS_EXPLORATION Involves the activation of an areatrigger.
8 QUEST_FLAGS_SHARABLE Allows the quest to be shared with other players.
16 QUEST_FLAGS_NONE2 Unknown at this time and not used.
32 QUEST_FLAGS_EPIC Epic class quests (hunter) (??)
64 QUEST_FLAGS_RAID Raid or similiar player group needed for quest.
128 QUEST_FLAGS_TBC Added with or after TBC.
256 QUEST_FLAGS_DELIVER_MORE Quest needs extra non-objective items dropped (eg. RequiredSourceItemId fields) (?)
512 QUEST_FLAGS_HIDDEN_REWARDS Item and monetary rewards are hidden in the initial quest details page and in the quest log but will appear once ready to be rewarded.
1024 QUEST_FLAGS__AUTO_REWARDED These quests are automatically rewarded on quest complete and they will never appear in quest log client side.
2048 QUEST_FLAGS_TBC_RACES Blood elf/draenei starting zone quests.
4096 QUEST_FLAGS_DAILY Daily repeatable quests (only flag that the core applies specific behavior for)
8192 QUEST_FLAGS_REPEATABLE Used on repeatable quests
16384 QUEST_FLAGS_UNAVAILABLE Used on quests that are not generically available
32768 QUEST_FLAGS_WEEKLY Weekly repeatable quests (only flag that the core applies specific behavior for)
131072 QUEST_FLAGS_SPECIAL_ITEM has something to do with RequiredItemId and SourceItemId
262144 QUEST_FLAGS_OBJ_TEXT Use Objective text as Complete text
524288 QUEST_FLAGS_AUTO_ACCEPT Quests in starting areas
(From TrinityCore.Info)

22.SpecialFlags - if you want it repeatable type in 1,if you want it normal leave it 0

23.CharTitleId - here type in a title id,for example 101,the quest will reward title 101 (Doctor) to the player

24.PlayersSlain - type how much players the player must kill/slay

25.BonusTalents - type how much talents the players will receive upon finishing the quest

26.RewardArenaPoints - this will reward the player arena points upon finishing the quest

27.PrevQuestId - the previous quest ID (this is for chain,if you are starting a chain with this quest leave this to 0)

28.NextQuestId - the next quest ID (this is for chain,put the next quest id if you want the chain to continue,if not leave this to 0)

29.ExclusiveGroup - if ExclusiveGroup > 0,then it will allow to define a group of quests of which only one may be chosen and completed.If ExclusiveGroup < 0,then it will allow to define a group of quests of which all must be completed and rewarded to start next quest (IMPORTANT! All quests that use an ExclusiveGroup must also have entries in pool_template and pool_quest in order for the core to choose one randomly!)

30.NextQuestInChain - this is the quest entry from a creature or gameobject that ends a quest and starts a new one

31.RewXPId - this will reward players with XP,I don't have the right information about what you must type here,so leave it as 0

32.SrcItemId - type in here an item id that the quest giver will give at the start of the quest,after finishing the quest the item will be gone

33.SrcItemCount - this is the amount of the items that will be given to the player upon start of the quest

34.SrcSpell - spell that the quest giver will cast at the start of the quest

35.Title - that is the title of the quest,for example mine will be "Destinykiller Tutorials"

36.Details - details about the quest,type for example "You must find in ac-web Destinykiller's Tutorials or be dead" or something like this!

37.Objectives - this will appear right under the title of the quest,so type for example "Slay Destinykiller"

38.OfferRewardText - when the offer about a reward is set,if you want type in a text for the offer for example "You will get a big thick dictionary"

39.RequestItemsText - when the request of an item is set,if you want type in a text for the request for example "Get me a thick dictionary"

40.EndText - when you finish the quest,this text will appear in the center of the screen,for example "Gratz,you've finished the quest!"

41.CompletedText - this is familiar like the EndText upper

42.ObjectiveText1-4 - this is used to define non-standard objective texts, that show up in the questlog. Example, "Heal fallen warrior" and the number gets added by Count values.

43.ReqItemId1-6 - this will put an item that is required to finish this quest.

44.ReqItemCount1-6 - amount of items required

45.ReqSourceId1-4 - for example, the quests asks for item X but the only way to get item X is by activating item Y; however, item Y is also a quest item. Therefore you set item Y's ID in this field. This requirement will not appear in the quest text, it is just for the core to know when to drop a quest item that isn't in the RequiredItemId field but is still needed by the quest.

46.ReqSourceCount1-4 - this is the maximum number of copies of the item in RequiredSourceItemId that can be picked up

47.ReqCreatureOrGOId1-4 - this will put a req of a creature that you must kill or a gameobject that you must find

48.ReqCreatureOrGOCount1-4 - this is the amount of creatures or gameobjects

49.ReqSpellCast1-4 - this is a spell ID of Spell that needs to be cast in order to fulfill a quest objective

50.RewChoiceItemId1-6 - if this is set,when quest is finished it will allow the player to choose a item

51.RewChoiceItemCount1-6 - the amount of choice items must be set here

52.RewItemId1-4 - if this is set,when the quest is finished the quest will reward the player with item(s)

53.RewItemCount1-4 - this is the amount of items that the quest will give upon finish

54.RewRepFaction1-5 - when quest is finished and if this is set,the quest will reward the player with reputation of a faction

55.RewRepValueID1-5 - when quest is finished and if this is set,the quest will reward the player with reputation,depending on the value you set

56.RewRepValue1-5 - familiar with RewRepValueID1-5

57.RewHonorAddition - this is the number of honor the quest will give upon finish

58.RewHonorMultiplier - this will multiply the RewHonorAddtion column,so if you set it 2 it will double it (IMPORTANT! If this is 1 and RewHonorAddition is 0,then quest will reward default honor 124 for level 80

59.Unk0 - uknown column,type nothing leave it as it is

60.RewOrReqMoney - this will reward or require gold

61.RewMoneyMaxLevel - if the player is max level for the quest,it will give the max gold you entered here

62.RewSpell - this will reward a spell to the player,learning it to him

63.RewSpellCast - when the quest is finished and this is set,a spell will be casted on the player

64.RewMailTemplateId - no information,leave it as it is

65.RewMailDelaySecs - same as point 64

66.PointMapId - this is the MapId of a quest point of interest (POI)

67.PointX - this is the X coordinate of quest POI

68.PointY - this is the Y coordinate of quest POI

69.PointOpt - this is the orientation coordinate of quest POI

70.DetailsEmote1-4 - no information about this column

71.DetailsEmoteDelay1-4 - this is emote delay,must be typed in ms (mini seconds)

72.IncompleteEmote - no information

73.CompleteEmote - this is the emote played by the related NPC at the time all quest objects are completed

74.OfferRewardEmote1-4 - this is the emote played by the NPC at the time the character is rewarded for the quest.

75.OfferRewardEmoteDelay1-4 - this is the emote delay in ms (mini seconds)

76.StartScript - this is the script id from table quest_start_scripts

77.CompleteScript - this is the script id from table quest_end_scripts

78.WDBVerified - leave it as it is

Ok that's all for quest_template,now we must move on to creture_questrelation,but first you must make a questgiver before making something in creature_questrelation
1.Id - this is the entry of the questgiver NPC
2.Quest - this is the entry of the quest you entered in quest_template,mine was 99000

Ok that's all for creature_questrelation,now we must move on to creture_invovledrelation,but first you must make a questgiver before making something in creature_involvedrelation
1.Id - same entry as in creature_questrelation
2.Quest - same entry as in creature_questrelation

Well folks,that's the tutorial!If you find any errors,please feel free to report it in a PM!

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