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[HOW-TO]Compile a fresh and updated Trinity Core 3.3.5a

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[HOW-TO]Compile a fresh and updated Trinity Core 3.3.5a

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 10:15 pm

Hello AC Web! I know there are a lot of post on how to compile one, but i have recently compiled one and a friend wanted me to make a tutorial, so this is mostly for him, please don't flame. Moving on now, first you will need a few programs, I will provide the links, if the links get broken please tell me and I will update them.

Things you need first:
HeidiSQL (preferred, edits SQL databases)
CMake (To generate the code from source)
MS VS 10(Compiles the code)
Git (Gets the source and updates it. Sign up, click set up git.... Follow instructions, ??Profit??)

Ok so after you have downloaded and installed all of those, you need to go to computer>local disk make a folder called whatever you want, I will call it TrinityCore. Now right click it and click gitex clone. (By the way, when installing git make sure to do the thrid option "Run git and included Unix tools from the windows command prompt." or it will not work, idk why it is a bug.)
Repository to clone:
Subdirectory to create: <leave blank>
check "personal repository"

Wait a few minutes for it to clone the repository, this will get you the source code for the server.
Now go to your local disk again under computer, create another file, this file is were you will generate the code from the source, in my case I named it build.

Generate the code:
Now we have our source and build folder, now lets generate our code!
First open CMake, then guide it to your source and build directory's.
Now click configure, it will then ask you what to use to configure it, choose Visual Studio 10, and check default native compilers, wait till it is done configuring, then you should see things will checking boxes by them, only check what you want to be compiled with the server, then hit configure again, then after it is done click generate...
After you get the message "Generating Done." close CMake.

Now if you look in your build folder (assuming you had no errors) you will see a bunch of files, that is the "code" for the server.
The only file we need if ALL_BUILD.sln... Open that file with Microsoft Visual Studio 10, now that it is open, let it load...

Compiling the server from the code:
Ok now lets compile it, at the top of the screen you should see "Debug" and "Win32" next to it, change "Debug" to "Release".
After that go under build and click "Build Solution" this could take a while depending on your computer speed.
After that it should say in the "Output" box at the bottom, "Build Complete" Make sure there wasn't any errors, it should say something like "23 Built successfully, 0 up-to-date, 0 failed, 0/1 skipped" something like that.
It there weren't any errors then close out of it, go to your build folder>bin>Release there should be some files in it like:

The other files you need are:

dbc folder
MySQL folder
As those files do not come with the compile, you can get them from a repack or from google (to lazy to make a link xD)
After that open worldserver.conf.dist and authserver.conf.dist with a text editor, rename the file without the .dist on both, so now you should have worldserver.conf and authserver.conf, these are your configs!

Setting up the server:
Ok, so now you need to put all those files in the folder you want your server to be held from. After that open world and make sure the database logon info is changed to:
Username: root
Password: ascent
(usually the default username and password.)
Do the same for authserver.conf, then set the worldserver.conf with however you want your world to be.
start up MySQL, open HeidiSQL, now make a new sessions, name it whatever you want to call your server, in my case "Deathbringer WoW" and the username is root, password ascent. Now in your trinity source folder you will see a folder named sql, go to sql>updates DO THE UPDATES IN ORDER BY DATE OR IT WILL NOT WORK!! to run the update, click on the database you are running it on, and go to the top of HeidiSQl, goto tools>load SQL file, guide it to the sql>updates folder and enter them in one at a time by date....
After that start up your authserver.exe, wait for it to load, then start up your worldserver.exe, wait for it to load, then go to your game (don't forget to set your realmlist to open the world console (worldserver.exe) and type this command:
.account create Guest {PASSWORD}
then type:
.account set gmlevel Guest 3 -1

That will make you your admin account, if there already is one under auth database (auth>accounts) then delete it, and make this one the admin.... Now login with what you just created, and have fun. To add scripts you must add them to your source and recompile, soon I will make another tutorial on how to add scripts..
Sorry if I missed anything, I made this in a hurry, if you run into an error, post it in a reply and I will try to help you fix it
I hope this guide helps AC-Web!

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