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[Tutorial] How to add more realms to your TrinityCore

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[Tutorial] How to add more realms to your TrinityCore

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 10:17 pm

Hello AC-Web

This is my first thread so don't be to evil with me

First open your server folder, there you will see 2 folders ( core and server or _server)
Add a new folder and name core2 for ex, you can name it how you want
Go in core folder and copy all files in core2 (your new created folder)
Open your worldserver.config file from second core
inside look for:

RealmID = 1 and change 1 with 2 (RealmID = 2)

LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;ascent;auth" leave it like this
WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;ascent;world" change world with world2 ( ";3306;root;ascent;world2" )
CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;ascent;characters" change characters with characters2 ( ";3306;root;ascent;characters2")

WorldServerPort = 8085 Change 8085 with 8086 (WorldServerPort = 8086)
After you are done close and save it

Time for Database (mysql)

First lets open your mysql server (inside _server or server you have mysql_start.bat, open it and minimize it.
Open Your Database editor (i use navicat)
Enter your server info.
Host : localhost or
Port : 3306 (your mysql port)
User : root
password : ascent
Hit ok

There in your right part of your screen are your databases:
auth - characters - world

Duble click on auth and look for realmlist table, open it:
Inside are the info of your first ream,lets insert a new record
hit the key Insert from your kayboard and enter the next info:
Id - 2
Name - the name of your second realm.Insert what you want.
address - for localhost
port - 8086
the rest of info set them like your first realm.
Close the table and hit save if ask

Now duble click on characters database to open, right click and select Dump SQL File...
Enter the name characters2 and set the address where you want to save it (lets say on desktop)
When its done do the same thing with the world database and name it world2

Now lets create new databases for them:
Press right click in the right part of your screen (duh ) and select New Database
Enter the name characters2 , duble click on it, right click and select Execute SQL File... go to your desktop and select characters2
Do the same thing with world2 and that's it

Go to your core folder and start authserver.exe and worldserver.exe- this will start your first server
Go to core2 and start worldserver.exe - the authserver.exe and authserve.config from core2 can be deleted , you dont need them any more.

That's it Enjoy


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