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How to make a NPC cast a spell on you

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How to make a NPC cast a spell on you

Post by treetrees on Sun May 05, 2013 10:21 pm

Hello all!
Today I will show you how to make a NPC cast a buff on you,or many other spells as well,but you will need to have knowledge of SQL and HeidiSQL,Navicat and other programs such as these.

Ok first we need to make a NPC in creature_template,if you are a noob in this follow these steps:
1.Entry - type entry,for example mine will be 60000

2.difficulty_entry_1-3 - for this tutorial,leave it like it is

3.KillCredit1 and KillCredit2 - leave them like they are

4.Modelid1-4 - put a model so the npc can show ingame,for example mine will be 16136

5.Name - a NPC must have a name,right?Just type in a name for example mine will be "Destinykiller"

6.Subname - this name goes under the name you've typed.For example mine will be "Ac-Web"

7.IconName - here you can type in "Directions" for example and when your mouse goes over the NPC it will show a little scroll with an X on it,there is more:
8.Gossip_menu_option - here you must add an entry for example mine will be 56000,the entries must be > 50000

9.Minlevel - that is the minimum level of an NPC,for example mine will be 79

10.Maxlevel - that is the maximum level of an NPC,for example mine will be 80

11.Exp - leave it like it is

12.Faction_A - that is the faction of the NPC for the Alliance,for this tutorial put it to 35

13.Faction_H - that is the faction of the NPC for the Horde,for this tutorial put it to 35

14.Npcflag - this is the flag of the npc,for this tutorial it must be 1

15.Speed_walk - Leave it like it is

16.Speed_run - Leave it like it is

17.Scale - this is optional,if you want it big put for example 5 or 3.

18.Rank - its optional,not needed

We will skip to:
19.Type - for this tutorial put it 7

20.Type_flags - put this to 138936390 for our tutorial

We will skip again to:
21.AIName - for our tutorial,put this to SmartAI

22.Health_mod,Mana_mod - put them as you wish

Ok that's for creatures.
Now lets move on to the "gossip_menu_option" table
Follow these steps:
1.Menu_id - Put the gossip_menu_id that you entered in creature_template,our was 56000

2.Id - leave it as 0 a number above 0,this will show the place of your option,remember the "id" column numbers mustn't repeat for 1 gossip_menu_id

3.Option_Icon - this is the icon,that will be next to the text you entered here are some IDs of option icons,from trinity's wiki page:

GOSSIP_ICON_CHAT = 0, //white chat bubble
GOSSIP_ICON_VENDOR = 1, //brown bag
GOSSIP_ICON_TAXI = 2, //flight
GOSSIP_ICON_INTERACT_1 = 4, //interaction wheel
GOSSIP_ICON_INTERACT_2 = 5, //interaction wheel
GOSSIP_ICON_MONEY_BAG = 6, //brown bag with yellow dot
GOSSIP_ICON_TALK = 7, //white chat bubble with black dots
GOSSIP_ICON_TABARD = 8, //tabard
GOSSIP_ICON_BATTLE = 9, //two swords
GOSSIP_ICON_DOT = 10, //yellow dot

4.Option_text - this will appear as an option,for example: Click on meee

5.Option_id - the option id must be 1 for this tutorial

6.Npc_option_npcflag - for this tutorial it must be 1

Ok,we will skip to:
7.Box_text - this is kinda optional,you must type in some text for example: "Yupiee",so when you click on the option it will show this box with "Accept"/"Decline" buttons

That's it for Gossip_menu_option table,now we'll move on to Smart_scripts:
1.Entryorguid - you must put the entry id of the NPC,our was 60000

2.Source_type - leave it to 0

3.Id - put the id of the option you typed in the gossip_menu_id table

4.Link - leave it to 0

5.Event_type - put it 62

6.Event_phase_mask - Leave it to 0,we wont need it for our tutorial

7.Event_param1 - put the gossip_menu_id that you entered in creature_template,our was 56000

8.Event_param2 - here you must put the ID of which this script will work for,example:
Back to Gossip_menu_option table,you typed in for example 1,then in action_param2 you must put 1.

9.Action_type - for this event it must be 75

10.Action_param1 - here you must put the spell,that you want the NPC to cast on you

11.Leave other columns as they are

Last,but not least,restart your server so the NPC will be added ingame and just .npc add <entryid> (without the <>) and check it out!

Well folks,that's the tutorial.If you find some errors in it,please feel free to PM me
If you find this posted already,PM me as well so I can edit this and put credits to the guy that typed it before me



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